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Hope this is right...

...Wrote this back in february when I was kind of confused about my feelings about someone. I think it may qualify as being something this community is about. Hopefully it is :o)

"Why The Hell Can't I Find Love Quotes That Sum Up What I Feel?

What is love? Many people go through life wondering what love is. Most are looking for a one size fits all definition or quote or phrase to tell them what it is so they can go find it. But in reality, love is none of these. In fact, love cannot be summed up into words because it is bigger than that. One reason is that love a person has for another is made up of both people involved and has as much variety as the human race has. I have spent my life trying to understand people, human emotions, why people are obsessed with "the norm."

In the end I have come up with my own definition of love. Love is that warm feeling you get in your heart when you think of the person. You yearn to be with them, to show them their appreciation of them, to be appreciated by them. You think about them at rates that differ with each person. Love goes beyond mental, pysical, and emotional (though a love with all 3 is the most enduring). It does not matter how much time you spend with them or how often you think of them, what matter is how you feel when you are with them or think of them, or talk to them. Does you heart grow warm? Does their concept dispell your dark times? Do you want to cry when you think of them because they inspire so many emotions (both good and bad) that they almost overwhelm you?

And when you do find a love (for I believe that there is not one "true love" but many people a person can truly love what do you do? Do you try to get with them? If you succeed then good, how do you express it from there and nurture the relationship? But if you fail, what do you do then? Do you obsess over them? Turn into yourself? Go on trying? Stop tyring? Or do you stay with them, adapt yourself and your love to whatever way will serve you both best (perhaps harboring some small part of hope that things will work out)? For me it is the last one. You stay with the person, be for them what they need you to be, build them up while others/the world tries to tear them down. You live them for their faults and their strengths. Your love for them makes you strive to be a better person and help others. You play support to them when they are down and share in their joy. You treasure every moment you spend with them and are willing to trade all that you have, or all that you are for more moments with them. When things go right, add them to your cache of memories, and when things go wrong you go back to them.

Most of all, you do not give up! You do not give up hope, you do not give up them. You stay with them, sacrafice for them and give what you can to them because if they are not important enough for you to stay around and help should they not share you love then you never really loved them to begin with. Love is a feeling where you would give your entire essence to them and to be with them, no matter what the form, on the off chance that it would bring happiness to them.

Yes, I know what love is and I know what love feels like. I have experienced all forms of love (save one). I know the good and the bad. I know it can get rough at times and seem like it is not worth it to give without any chance of recieveing. I know all this and have seen/experienced it all my life. But ya know what? It is worth it. Yes, you may ache to be with them. Yes, it may hurt to see them in pain and unhappy (with you or others). But at the end of the day all the hardships are worth it just to see them happy, see them smile, get a hug. And if you are the one who brought this joy to them? Well, then it was all worth it... "
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