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Hello all,

I will do the requisite introduction

Name you go by: Victoria

Any philosophy or orientation that you identify with? Well for the am catholic and baptist raised (mother, father respectively)...I would say that I am spiritual and searching. I have researched many religions and am going through the old spiritual/religious identity crisis. :) as for orientation, I am a lesbian.

What brings you to this community? I have been celibate for about three and a half years and recently decided to "actively" accept this lifestyle. This is to say that over the past three and a half years I have felt a waning of desire for a sexual relationship. Recently I realized that I had been celibate for this time, I had not exactly choosen it, I just kinda eased my way into it I think. So now I find myself thinking about it and longing for contact with others who feel the same way.

What's the difference between a relationship that's sexual and one that's not?(besides the obvious!) Besides the obvious? You know I never thought of it. LOL. For me a relationship that is sexual automatically includes one variable that can throw all others off. The "is this person attractive to me physically variable." When faced with a sexual relationship it seems that people tend to ignore many things as long as the other person is attractive enough for us. In a non sexual relationship the most important parts of the relationship are understanding, compassion, respect, tolerance, and compatibility. When we do not have "is he/she hot" clouding our brains we are able to see more about the other human being. This my rather long, contemplative, and unrehearsed answer to this question. :)

I suppose that's it for now, I am a twenty four year old female who hopes to find understanding fellows here. I have only told 2 of the people in my life about my choice to become celibate. The rest of my family and friends would not understand and would cause stress and drama. Then there would be fights and gossip. I just can't go there. That's why I'm here :)
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