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Obligatory Intro Post

Name you go by: Ifer, real name: Jennifer

Any philosophy or orientation that you identify with?

I've started to work out a theory for life, the universe, and everything (no, it's not 42 ;P) that involves planes, parallel dimensions, pocket dimensions and alternate realities. I believe that all deities exist somewhere, and that all religions and theories are at least partially right, somewhere, but none of them are fully correct as the true nature of the cosmos can not be grasped by mortal nor immortal minds.

I'm a non-sexual, having no physical or sexual interest in people or beings of any type. (though my sex drive is quite high, VERY annoying when I don't get very much input from physical stimuly [pain, tickling, etc] and there's not really any other way for me to satisfy that desire -_-) In my mind, friends ARE family, so it's disgusting for me to see my friends in a romantic relationship with each other. Public displays of intimacy are also disturbing. It's very hard for me to understand the drives, actions, thoughts, and decisions of most people because of this. I do, however, want to understand, and be able to act appropriately in response to others, which is difficult when I can't judge what their responses and reactions will be. I crave non-sexual physical relationships, hugging, cuddling, etc, but I'm uncomfortable about it since I'm never sure how the other person(s) are reacting, and I DON'T want them to think about me or my actions in a sexual way. It disturbs me. I'm worried that an innocent gesture on my part will be taken the wrong way, and ruin the relationship I have with someone.

On top of all this, I've been brought up as a naturist, and therefore have a very different view of the human body, causing me to have even LESS understanding of fashion, modesty, and what is appropriate when and where. I see skimpy clothing as an attempt to objectify people, and turn their bodies into nothing but sex objects. Extremely disrespectful towards the person wearing it and anyone seeing them in it. Advertising's even worse, requiring barely clad, anorexic and top-heavy barbie dolls to sell anything.

What brings you to this community? I'm hoping to find a way to express myself that won't be misread, further understanding of how the human mind works, and more tolerance towards intimate displays.

What's the difference between a relationship that's sexual and one that's not?(besides the obvious!) Non-sexual relationships come in a variety, including but not limited to: casual acquaintances, bestest best friends forever, soul mates (may be mates as in "my best mate, here", meaning friends) teacher/pupil, mutual tolerance, enemies, brotherly love, etc. Sexual relationships are very limited in that respect. Though there can be, as in the non-sexual relations, infinite shades between, they're generally: flings, life-mates, lovers, casual sex partners, long-term relationships, etc. Not nearly as different and diverse. There's also the tendency, in a sexual relationship, to ignore any problems and arguments and just have sex to make it all better. In a platonic relationship, while the problems can still be ignored, the temptation is far less severe, because you won't be worried that your partner will withhold if you upset them.
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